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welcomesign"The Episcopal Church Welcomes You". You've seen it on signs like this one all around the country. When you see this sign you know you're near a place where you'll be truly welcome. At St. Mark's, we know that you'll be made to feel at home. For most of the year, worship services are held at 10:00 AM on Sundays and at other times for special occasions. Please join us for worship and fellowship.


New Hope

The Diocese of Bethlehem has accomplished its initial goals for the New Hope campaign in that the schools have been built, It total, we have built 5 primary schools, one secondary school, a tailoring training center, and a college. Our work, however, is not done.

Due to renewed fighting in South Sudan, the majority of the people of Kajo Keji have fled to refugee camps in northern Uganda. The schools we have built have been closed for the present but we have not forgotten our brithers and sisters. Through the New Hope Campaign, our diocese is providing funds for temporary schools and teachers that will reach more than 4,000 children and youth. 

To purchase books for these students, New Hope is soliciting $20,000 in donations. Several thousand dollars were pledged at convention, but more support is needed.

Donations can be sent to: Diocesan House, 333 Wyandotte St., Bethlehem, PA 18015, attention: Charlie Barebo (note "New Hope Books")

To download a video of Kajo Keji's beautiful children, right-click here and then select "Save file as..." from the pop-up menu. Take note, however, that at over 210 MB this is a BIG download!

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Mission of St. Mark's:

Our mission as the people of God gathered at St. Mark’s is to worship and grow in Jesus Christ, and to bear witness to His truth in a spirit of love within the church and community by seeking Him, seeing Him in each other and doing His will.